Acting Styles: Realism to Nonrealism

DRAMA 4224

This course builds on skills in character development and scene study, beginning with psychological realism and then shifting into various forms of nonrealism. Through written analysis and performance, students apply acting techniques that address a variety of playwriting styles. The semester begins with a deepening understanding of psychological realism through the exploration of Anton Chekhov's plays. Focus then shifts to nonrealism with Harold Pinter. The second half of the semester is solidly rooted in nonrealism. Students hone their skills by exploring two more scenes from classical and/or contemporary texts. Additionally, in the final scene, students are encouraged to explore applicable considerations of gender-identity, race, and ethnicity in play and character selection. (Formerly Drama 342, Acting III) Prerequisites: Drama 2401 Fundamentals of Acting, Drama 3411 Intermediate Acting. This course is open exclusively to seniors and graduate students
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS HUM

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Acting Styles: Realism to Nonrealism
INSTRUCTOR: Annamaria Pileggi
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