Advanced Acting

DRAMA 4401

Are you a senior or graduate student about to enter the marketplace? Are you considering a career in theater-making, particularly in acting? This course is poised on the border of a university environment and the real world. In a very full 14 week curriculum, we will explore the generous set of performance-based theatrical skills you have amassed over your education. The projects are designed to synthesize the student's theatrical training and experience through solo performance work. Students will be encouraged to develop and articulate their own aesthetic convictions through an examination of the creative process, the development of original solo material, the exploration of the theater profession within the current American and international theatrical climate, the development of new audition pieces, small group presentations and an analysis of plays and other reading assignments. The course closes with a public showcase of the original material written and developed over the semester. While the course's performance work is explored through an actor's lens, the class is open to all advanced drama students who meet the prerequisites. Prereq: L15 2401 and L15 3411. This course is open only to seniors and graduate students.
Course Attributes: BU Hum; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM; EN H

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Advanced Acting
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