Ampersand: A Performative Perspective on Chinese Culture and Identity


This course examines the diversified and rich history of Chinese visual and performance cultures from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and throughout the Chinese diaspora. A collaboration between the East Asian Languages and Cultures and Performing Arts departments, this course explores Chinese cultural narratives in relation to how they have been performed -- on stage in traditional forms of dance-drama, on screen in film, and as lived in the practice of everyday life -- from the late Imperial period to the present. It includes a practice component that introduces the students to movement disciplines such as Tai' Chi and opera, and it allows students to pursue creative assignments such as interview, stage plays, and filmmaking that demonstrate their developing knowledge of historical and contemporary Chinese culture. Building bridges of understanding between the United States and the Republic of China in Taiwan, the course will culminate in a spring break trip to Taiwan. This course is only for first-year, non-transfer students in the Ampersand: Encountering China program.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; BU IS; AS LCD; AS SC; AMP

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Ampersand: A Performative Perspective on Chinese Culture and Identity
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