Approaches to Improvisation and Spontaneous Composition


The graduate studio workshop in dance improvisation emphasizes individual and ensemble performance practice through a combination of structured assignments, independent work, and participation in a collaborative workshop environment. In this course, students learn and create processes for improvising dance/performance art, with an aim toward developing integrated skill in: dance technique, intuitive movement invention, partnered dancing, collaborative process, performance presence/expressivity, and compositional form. Improvised practice develops processes for performance applicable to stage, site-specific and camera-based artistic venues, and refines individual and ensemble performance artistry. Students will review history of aesthetic theory and processes developed by improvisation artists of the 20th century. In-class discussion fosters critical thinking/analysis, facilitates dialogue on process, and supports development of artistry and virtuosic performance. Prerequisite: previous or concurrent study of dance composition (L29 508, 509). This course may be taken by qualified undergraduate dance majors or minors who have completed 203 (or 208), 303 (or 309), 3101 and with permission of instructor.
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Approaches to Improvisation and Spontaneous Composition
INSTRUCTOR: David Marchant
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