Beginning Taekwondo I


The objectives of this course are to learn the philosophical and historical backgrounds of Taekwondo and master basic Taekwondo martial art skills such as kicks, punches, blocks, and Taegeuk forms to facilitate physically and mentally reflective growth. As a form of martial arts, Taekwondo's ultimate goal is to achieve self-reflection through the physical trainings and self-discipline. Throughout this course, the students will be able to: (1) understand the philosophical and historical backgrounds of Taekwondo; (2) master basic Taekwondo kicks, punches, blocks and forms up to the yellow belt level; (3) perform TKD non-touching sparring using the basic and advanced skills; (4) self-reflect on their physical and mental growth through the self-defense training. Must be taken Pass-Fail. Course may be repeated one time.
Course Attributes: ONLINE HYBRID

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Beginning Taekwondo I
INSTRUCTOR: Taewoong Kim
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