Dance Physical Therapy Screenings

Washington University Physical Therapy Clinics

General information on medical screening for performing artists:

During the fall semester, dance screenings will be available to all dance majors and minors.  It will be on a first-come-first-served basis and it is held on Wednesday mornings from 8 am to noon.  This screening will take about an hour.   


The purpose is to obtain a baseline range of motion, strength and length of legs and trunk muscles relating to dance technique.  This will also provide you with information about your body and the items you can or cannot change with regard to your dance technique such as turnout.  Having a baseline of information about you will allow us to provide better care if you are injured in the future.

The cost of this screening will be $30.00.  Payment in full will be required at the time of your screening.  We accept check, cash and credit card (MasterCard/VISA) as payment methods.

Physical Therapy (PT) specific to dancers

During the school year, there are physical therapy services available to students if you sustain an injury.  The goal of PT is to reduce your movement imbalances and improve your technique in dance and return to dance as soon as possible. 

Your PT appointment with either be at the Danforth campus in 206 Mallinckrodt (Wednesday mornings from 8am to noon) or at the medical campus at Washington University Physical Therapy Clinics located at 4444 Forest Park Blvd (available Monday through Friday).

In the state of Missouri, you will need a prescription from a physician for physical therapy.  You will also need to have health insurance to cover these services. 

To obtain a doctor’s visit from our performing arts medicine group, please do the following:

Referring Physician for Physiatry: Dr. Heidi Prather and Dr. Devyani Hunt

  • To schedule an appointment please call: 314-747-ARTS (2787)
  • Please be sure to identify you are a dancer/performing artist at Washington University in order to ensure your appointment is facilitated.

Once your prescription for PT has been obtained, please do the following:

  • Please request that your referring physician fax a copy of the prescription to the Program in Physical Therapy Clinics.
  • You should then contact the PT clinical office directly to set up your PT appointment and that your health insurance verified to ensure coverage. If PT is not a covered benefit under your insurance plan, or if the Program in Physical Therapy Clinics is considered out of network with your plan, payment for the services rendered will be required in full upon your arrival of your PT visit.
  • Physical Therapy: To set up an appointment, please call: 314-286-1940
  • Clinic fax number: 314-286-1473

For an appointment for dance screenings or questions, please contact:

Lynnette Khoo-Summers, PT, DPT
Voicemail: 314-286-1586

Washington University School of Medicine at Washington University Medical Center, Campus Box 8502, 4444 Forest Park Blvc., Room 1210-1213, St Louis, Missouri 63108-2212, (314) 286-1940, Fax (314)286-1473 ,