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Homecoming Voices

Four PAD alumni were commissioned to write plays for our season.  Each playwright was limited to writing a play under 20 minute in length, with a cast of 2- 4 actors. Writers were free to write what they wanted, but each was deeply aware of the extraordinary social and pandemic moment we share.  The playwrights are:
Nastaran Ahmadi ('00), Marisa Wegrzyn ('03), Chauncy Thomas ('06) and Liza Birkenmeier ('08); all have developed thriving careers in theatre and television, and we look forward to hearing their voices again on campus.

The productions was be available on-demand through Sunday, May 2, 2021.
All rehearsals and filming followed strict safety protocols established by WashU’s medical advisors and the university’s COVID Monitoring Team.  

Written by Marisa Wegrzyn
Directed by Andrea Urice
Okay, so we may be having some roommate troubles.  And maybe one of us threw a cereal bowl at somebody’s head.  But there’s this pandemic thing happening, not to mention raging wildfires, and none of us has a job right now so the tension may be a little high.  But really, what’s the problem?

The Nicest White People that America Has Ever Produced
Written by Chauncy Thomas
Directed by Jacqueline Thompson
A black writer and a white director discuss the intersectionality of artistic integrity, power, and race in the film industry. However, a surprising request shifts the theoretical discourse to a striking reality of questionable ethics, tested friendships, and uncertain costs.

Written by Nastaran Ahmadi
Directed by Andrea Urice
He left.  She stayed.  Now, he’s back, standing in front of what used to be their mother’s house, hoping to reconnect with his sister.  Can all the shared experiences, humor and family connections transcend the betrayal?  

Fear is a Gift
Written by Liza Birkenmeier
Directed by Jacqueline Thompson
A haunted bike tour becomes accidentally experimental when one of the guides is injured. No one feels in control.  Fear is a Gift is a theoretical labyrinth of horror and thrill.