MFA Student Dance Concert: Pathway Graphic

MFA Student Dance Concert: Pathway

Representing the final component of the MFA in Dance program.

The MFA Student Dance Concert represents the final component of the MFA in Dance program.  Each section of the concert combines the artistic expression and kinetic innovations of the MFA in Dance students. The overarching goal of the MFA in Dance program is to develop each student's personal artistic practice while encouraging a global perspective on dance studies, performance, pedagogy, and choreography.  

Spring 2021 MFA Graduates


Saturday, March 27, 2021 8 pm

The Saturday night event presents Pathway and takes us on a journey combining three distinct paths. One moves us through the world of grief, the powerful rollercoaster of human emotions. The next takes us on the passage of both the power and grace of Muslim women.  In the final piece, we are immersed in the force of our neglect of Nature and her rebellious response.  

The concert speaks to the human spirit at its best and worst, through grief and grace.  It’s sure to be an evening of moving images, sharp contrasts, and evocative performances. This concert represents the completion of the MFA in Dance requirements for our fourth cohort students: Leah Korn, Luewilla Smith-Barnett and Thomas Proctor.



Please Note:  The MFA Dance Concert:"Mindscapes" featuring the work of the 2020 MFA Cohort which had been rescheduled for this Spring due to COVID has been cancelled.