Washington University Dance Theatre's 2018 production of PASTForward.

Placement Class for Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance

Dance placement class is for incoming freshmen and transfer students who wish to enter ballet, modern and jazz classes above the beginning level.

All new students with interest in dance at WU are strongly encouraged to attend the Dance Placement Class. This class is not an “audition," but a chance for students new to dance at WU to meet dance faculty, dance majors, and learn information about program curriculum, events and performance opportunities. The class format is informal, including a short ballet barre, followed by modern and jazz combinations to determine appropriate entry level to these course sequences. No signup or preparation required. 
Who Should attend: 
•    Any student with prior training, interested in dance courses above introductory level. 
•    Students who are pre-registered for a course above introductory levels are tentatively enrolled and required to take the placement class to determine appropriate level.
For more information, contact Professor Cecil Slaughter, cslaught@wustl.edu or Professor David Marchant, marchant@wustl.edu