Lindsay Brill

Return to Play: A Workshop in Clown and Improv

Join PAD Alum Lindsay Brill as she presents an introduction to clowning and its application to improvisation.

Return to Play: A workshop in Clown and Improv will use the clown method developed by Christopher Bayes, head of physical acting at The Yale School of Drama as well as various improv techniques, to help participants rediscover the joy and freedom of play. This workshop will combine the techniques of clown with the spontaneity of improv to help participants find their inner child and tap into their natural sense of playfulness. Through a series of exercises and games, participants will learn to let go of judgement and unlock a deeper sense of embodiment, vulnerability and connection - both with themselves and with the audience.

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What is Clown? 
Clown is a journey that embraces your unique sense of play, liberating the person you are without limitations. Through a series of exercises and games, you reclaim your "unsocialized self" and reignite your capacity for wonder and joy. The process reveals the clown within—an embodiment of authentic, uninhibited expression. This exploration invites you to rediscover the vast possibilities of your true self, liberating you from judgment and self-consciousness. At the heart of clowning is staying present, responding to the moment, and forging genuine connections. It's about unleashing your inner "big stupid" self, driven by pure fun and genuine connections. Clowning shatters stifling boundaries, fostering creativity and authentic human interactions.

From Lindsay Brill, "How I've used clown in my work": 
As an actor and person who tends to live in her head, residing in the realm of overthinking and analyzing, clown and improv have taken me out of my head (even if for moments at a time) and into my body. This work has taught me that if you're not having fun, neither is the audience and no matter how much research and text work you have done on a play and a role, when all is said and done, a play, whether tragic, comedic, contemporary or classical, should be play. Clown and improv have taught me the profound significance of embracing my unique voice, my joy and wonder, and enhancing the connection between myself, my scene partners and the audience.

Lindsay Brill is an actor and teacher based in New York City. She is a proud alum of the Performing Arts Department at Wash U. She holds an MFA from The Old Globe/USD and an MSED in English and Special Education from Hofstra University. Television credits include Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order: Organized Crime, Happy!, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Ray Donovan, Gotham, The Deuce, Hack My Life and Doin Great. Theatre credits include The Kitchen Theatre, New Light Theatre, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Theatre Row, Prospect Theatre Company, The Old Globe and Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre. Her two women sketch show ran for six months at UCB and in various cities on the East Coast and her one woman show, Third Period, has been produced in San Diego and New York. Lindsay has taught acting, clown, improv and audition skills throughout NYC and has also taught Special Education and social and emotional learning in elementary, middle and high schools. Lindsay is a member of The Actor's Center.