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Premiering April 22, 2021!

Premiering April 22, 2021 and presented at the East end of Mudd Field on the Danforth Campus.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
April 22-24, 2021
5:30 p.m.
Sunday, April 25
3:00 p.m. 

Written By George F. Walker
Directed by William Whitaker

Bobby and Tina meet in a park.  She’s furious about something and cursing her head off, and her friend Jill is there too for “support.”  Jill has never liked a thing about Bobby, ever, and both women threaten to “kick him to death.”  Meanwhile, Bobby has been thinking about breaking up because he’s been looking around at other girls and he thinks “they look nice too.”  Bobby may have picked the worse time ever to discuss a break up, as Tina and Jill have some really tough news to deliver.  The context is young people in dire straits with limited economic and intellectual opportunities trying to make their way.  Tough! is a kind of contemporary tragi-comedy of the streets written by Canada’s most celebrated playwright.  In late April, you might see three young people on campus arguing beneath a tree or in the middle of a field as you pass on by.  It might be Bobby, Tina and Jill trying to sort things out.  It’s OK for you to stop and listen.

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To comply with our no external guest policy on campus, reservations are limited to WashU students, faculty and staff.  Limit one ticket per person.