Graphic for WUDT: Aperture

Washington University Dance Theatre: Aperture

This "Dance for Camera" Film Festival Premiered December 18, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. and Streamed On-demand thru January 3, 2021.

An “aperture" is defined as “the space through which light enters a camera” and “an opening, hole or gap…”  In the time of COVID, we will not be able to perform dance in theaters for live audiences, and this feels like a big loss. But for artists, challenging times also create openings in which we adapt and respond creatively to try something new, in the “gap.” This is the lens through which we let our light shine. For the first time, Washington University Dance Theatre will be presented as a “Dance for Camera” film festival of new works by resident choreographers, performed by student dancers of the Performing Arts Department.

This production was offered as an on-demand virtual event.  

This year because of increased production costs for video equipment and streaming, we offered our patrons the opportunity to give a donation through our “pay what you can” ticket system.

“Pay What You Can”

Suggested Donation: $10

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