Introduction to Pilates


This course offers an introduction to the Pilates Method mat repertoire, part of the method developed by movement pioneer Joseph Pilates. The mat repertoire focuses on core strengthening, spinal articulation and stabilization. The exercises increase strength and flexibility and work towards correcting asymmetries and chronic weaknesses to bring the body into a balanced, neutral alignment. Students will gain body awareness and an understanding of the principles of Pilates including: control, breath, flowing movement, precision, centering, stability, range of motion, and opposition. No previous training in Pilates is required. The instructor will offer modifications that address individual limitations. Readings will be assigned that address topics in Pilates as well as related topics in exercise science and functional anatomy. There are 2 short midterm quizzes and practical exam at the end of the semester. May be repeated one time for credit. This course is offered as Pass/Fail only, unless students are pursuing the Certificate in Somatic Studies; these students must enroll for a letter grade.
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Introduction to Pilates
INSTRUCTOR: Susan Volkan
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