MFA Student Dance Concert: MindScapes Graphic

Postponed- MFA Student Dance Concert: Mindscapes

Our MFA Student Dance Concert: Mindscapes, is postponed until next season.

Please visit for more information.

The MFA Student Dance Concert: Mindscapes  begins with a portrayal of life and the pull between the healthy mind and dementia. The dance represents a journey from the present, into the past, and towards the future.  This riveting tale of the remembered and the forgotten will draw you into a dance of a life well-lived yet fading away.   It is followed by a discovery of what it is to move through abstraction.  Flowing between the extremes of existence, oppositional forces are used to experiment with minimalism and expansion, extension and reduction, speed and stillness.  One dance focuses on the real while the other on the abstract.

This concert represents the completion of the MFA in Dance requirements for our third cohort students, Ashley Tate and Marcus Johnson.  

This Concert is Free and Open to the Public.