Mind Body Movement: Yoga and Pilates


This course combines Yoga, SATYA (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement), Pilates Method mat exercises and meditation/relaxation techniques with the goal of improving mind body awareness, postural alignment, balance, strength, range of motion and psychological well-being. Students will be guided through beginning level yoga breathing practices (Pranayama), sensory awareness and myofascial release exercises, yoga postures (Asanas) and Pilates Method mat exercises. Intermediate level postures and exercises will be added as the class progresses. An emphasis will be placed on practicing safely with optimal postural alignment, joint stabilization, fluidity and ease. No previous training in yoga or Pilates is required. The instructor will offer modifications that address individual limitations. Coursework will include a home mindfulness practice and short online discussion posts on the ethical principles of yoga and current scientific research on yoga or other somatic practices. This course may be repeated one time for credit. This course is offered as Pass/Fail only, unless students are pursuing the Certificate in Somatic Studies; these students must enroll for a letter grade.
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Mind Body Movement: Yoga and Pilates
INSTRUCTOR: Susan Volkan
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