Jane Tellini

Tellini celebrates Butoh, the Japanese style of avant-garde dance

HEC-TV St. Louis' home of Education Arts, and Culture recently feature first-year MFA Jane Tellini in the video, "Self-Discovery Through Butoh."

Tellini is a dancer and choreographer native to St. Louis, MO, whose years of rich experience allows her to bring a unique perspective to the craft. In 2006, she received a BFA in Dance Performance from Stephens College, where she mainly studied Humphrey- Weidman technique, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, and various world dance styles.

After graduation Jane picked up the guitar and began writing songs. Her band, Jane and Anthony released their first album, Lounge Noir, in 2011, and their songs were nationally aired on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, WB’s Heart of Dixie, and AMC’s Hell on Wheels with much excitement.

From 2013 to 2014 Jane managed the ceramic studio at Arcosanti, a community located in the high desert of Arizona.  It was during this same time that she developed her all-levels Open Source Movement class for local residents interested in dance.

In both 2014 and 2015 she attended the Global Stilt Congress, hosted by San Francisco based troupe, the Carpetbag Brigade. It was at this time she was introduced to Butoh, a Japanese style of avant-garde dance that transformed her relationship to movement. After moving to the Bay Area, Jane began attending the Butoh intensives of Diego Piñon and it was his workshops that helped solidify her humanitarian approach to dance. She also performed with the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts at the Dios De Los Muertos festival in 2014, and in Meegan Hertensteiner’s Beast of A Woman at Human Creature Studios in 2015.

From the Spring of 2016 until 2019, Jane attended the MESA Dance Project in Ridgway, CO, which focused on using dance to reconstruct our relationship to land. Jane joined the St. Louis based Consuming Kinetics Dance Company in 2018, where she performed, taught, and began to blend principles of contemporary choreography and the ritual dance methods used in Butoh. Jane is currently a first year MFA Dance student at Washington University of St. Louis, where she aims to hone her artistic voice and deepen her choreographic skill. 

The video, "Self-Discovery Through Butoh," featuring Tellini can be viewed at https://hecmedia.org/posts/self-discovery-through-butoh.