Photo of Cast of Twins The Musical

Hayley and Taylor Emerson share their "Twins the Musical" tribute video

This past month, twins Hayley and Taylor Emerson (LA 2020) created a video they wanted to share with the WashU community as a tribute to their show Twins The Musical, written/composed by them, that was set to premiere the weekend of April 17, 2020 at WashU. In an effort to showcase their hard work and talent, the entire Twins cast and some of the crew filmed themselves from their homes singing one of the songs written by the Emersons. 

“Alone” is about processing the feelings of being on your own for the first time in a positive (independence) and negative (loneliness) way. "We believe everyone right now is feeling alone in some way." wrote Hayley, "We want everyone to know it’s okay to feel alone right now because we are not alone in these feelings we share." Taylor further wanted to express, "We cannot thank the WashU community enough for their constant support, including professors in the drama, psychology, and music departments."  They send out a special thank you to Dr. Tim Bono, Jeffery Matthews, Carter Lewis, Mary Noel Prince, and Annamaria Pileggi for being mentors throughout this process.

The twins have received endless support from their family and friends back home in Los Angeles and around the country. "We also send a big thank you to our incredibly talented cast and crew," says Hayley, "we could not have been able to even realize this musical without them."

Both Hayley and Taylor have post-grad jobs beginning in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, and are hoping they will be able to continue and finally see their musical being produced in the coming years.