Image from Sarah Sterling 2021 Senior Thesis

Vignettes for the Artists Who Saw the World in Two Dimensions

Sarah Sterling (LA 21), Choreographer

Sarah Sterling's senior thesis explores the relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, specifically, how one might translate or reimagine two-dimensional artwork to make it fit a three-dimensional format. Sterling selected four artists that create work in four different two-dimensional mediums and has translated their bodies of work into short vignettes of movement. 

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Dancers: Rachel Bryant, Leighanne Guettler-James, Grace Myers, Grace Phillion, Ali Yaniz, Juli Yaniz

Music Credits: SCP-231 by ATLiens, Vanishing Act by Lou Reed, Red Slip by Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno, Wall of Memories by Gesaffelstein, The Chill Air by Brian Eno, Cloud Nine by Drehz, 3:14 Every Night by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Rain Interior Plastic Roof Pours Weather Sound Effects by World Class Sound, and What We Need by Nathan Lanier

Technical Crew: Sarah Sterling

Special Thanks:  To Ben Lewis for his help in setting up the lighting board.