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Ampersand: Encountering Chinese Culture: Performing Tradition, Engendering Transformations

Dance 1080 - Spring 2021

This course examines the development of modern Chinese culture and its dynamic relation with tradition and renovations. In the past century, China has gone through a series of political, cultural, economic, and technological transformations that constantly reshaped the form and content of Chinese culture. Tracing the drastic changes in Chinese language, performance and media forms from the late 19th century to contemporary time, the course guides the students through the pivotal moments in modern Chinese history and analyzes their impacts on literature, drama, dance, film and internet culture. What transformative promise did new media and art forms deliver? How do we make sense of the intricate connection between tradition and renovation? The purpose of this course is to foster an understanding of Chinese culture as a dynamic process of formation rather than a static, homogeneous entity. But instead of seeing this formation as a linear progression with one form or style replacing the other, we will study how past traditions, both ancient and recently constructed ones, are reconfigured in new cultural representations and practices.

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Encountering Chinese Culture: Performing Tradition, Engendering Transformations
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