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West African Music and Dance in Context

Dance 343 - Spring 2020

A West African dance course specifically focused on the Ivorian dance traditions of the Baule, Bete Dan, Lobi, Makinke, and Senufo peoples. The course addresses the relationship between music and dance as well as their social and cultural significance. We include study of myths, art, costumes, and masks as they relate to various dances and musics. A studio course with related reading material. This class will take place at COCA Staenberg Studio, 524 Trinity Avenue, St. Louis MO 63130 This stunning space measuring 56´ x 37.5´ is available exclusively for dancers and other performance artists.
Course Attributes: EN HAS HUMFA HUMAR HUM

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West African Music and Dance in Context
INSTRUCTOR: Diadie Bathily
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