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Dance Pedagogy

Dance 430 - Spring 2020

Students will design a student-centered curriculum for an introductory level course in modern dance. We will discuss backward design and teaching strategies that promote significant learning. Using national standards and grade level expectations, you will decide what you want to include in your course and research the topics through readings, observations and classroom discussion. You will learn how to make assessments based on learning goals and how to establish grading criteria. Topics that will be considered in addition to dance technique include composition, history, current trends in arts education, responding to diversity in the classroom and arts advocacy on community, state and national levels. Credit may be applied toward the education major and potentially toward state certification. Prerequisites: minimum of two semesters of upper level coursework in dance technique. Most classes will meet in the Carson Seminar Room, but there are some class meetings in a dance studio.
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Dance Pedagogy
INSTRUCTOR: Cynthia Kahn
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