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Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan II

Dance 116 - Spring 2020

A continuation of an introduction to the theory and practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan for beginning students. T'ai Chi Ch'uan is based on the Daoist theory of complementary opposites (yin/yang). The purpose of these exercises is to help students gain bodily strength, balance, flexibility, peace of mind, relaxation, and improved circulation. T'ai Chi Ch'uan may also be used for self-defense; it specializes in the neutralization of an attack by turning of the waist. Students should wear loose-fitting clothing and sneakers. Readings in Daoist texts, including t'ai chi classics, are assigned. Part III of the Yang Family T'ai Chi Ch'uan sequence will be taught. Prerequisite: U31 115. May be repeated one time. Pass/Fail only, but students pursuing the Certificate in Somatic Studies must enroll for a letter grade.
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Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan II
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