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Beginning Taekwondo II

Dance And Somatic Movement Studies 171 - Spring 2021

Taekwondo's ultimate goal is to achieve self-reflection through physical trainings and self-discipline, and this course builds on the foundation developed in Beginning Taekwondo I. Throughout this course, the students will learn to understand the philosophical and historical backgrounds of Taekwondo; master Taekwondo kicks, punches, blocks, and forms up to the blue belt level; perform Taekwondo non-touching sparring using the basic and advanced skills; and self-reflect on their physical and mental growth through the training. Pass/fail only. Pre-requisite: Beginning Taekwondo I or permission of the instructor. **Please note: in Spring 2021 this class will be delivered remotely.
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Beginning Taekwondo II
INSTRUCTOR: Taewoong Kim
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