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Contact Improvisation

Dance And Somatic Movement Studies 212 - Spring 2021

Introduction to principles and fundamental skills of the dance form known as "Contact Improvisation." "CI" fosters presence in movement through mindful, tactile interactions with people and places. NOTE: During COVID alternate operations, this class will be fully remote, yet still synchronous-only instructional format. Accordingly, we will adapt the form's core principles for solo practice and for group-interactive digital spaces (Zoom). We will also explore "site-responsive" artistic movement in various environments. Also widely practiced as a mode of meditative, mindful movement. May be repeated one time. This course is available as Pass/Fail, but students pursuing the Certificate in Somatic Studies must enroll for a letter grade. **Please note: in Spring 2021 this class will be delivered remotely.
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Contact Improvisation
INSTRUCTOR: David Marchant
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