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Introduction to Hip Hop and Funk Dance Styles

Dance And Somatic Movement Studies 2161 - Spring 2021

This course will be an introduction to the fundamentals of hip hop, jazz funk, house dance and other related dance styles. This course is designed to introduce students to the various elements of these styles--the history, terminology, technique, core movement concepts, and prominent dance figures--and for students to experience all of these elements through dancing, observation, research, discussion, and choreography. This is an online course focused on reading on the development of these dance forms, as well as scheduled virtual class discussions and video sharing. This course will also explore the culture and music of hip-hop and other related styles of dance such as jazz funk and house dance. As a whole, this class will focus on strengthening movement skills through increased flexibility, strength and endurance; while sharpening musical awareness, learning choreography and exploring improvisation; and understanding the appropriate vocabulary needed to develop strong technique for these styles. There will be written assignments and readings included in this course. Previous movement training is recommended but not required. **Please note: in Spring 2021 this class will be delivered remotely.
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Introduction to Hip Hop and Funk Dance Styles
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