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Xingyiquan--Linking Forms

Dance And Somatic Movement Studies 336 - Spring 2021

A continuation course in the theory and practice of Xingyiquan (Hsing Yi Ch'uan). It is one of the three great systems of Wu Dang Internal Arts, along with Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan) and Baguazhang (Ba Gua Chang). The purpose of these exercises is to help students gain bodily strength, balance, flexibility, peace of mind, relaxation, and improved circulation. Xingyiquan may also be used for self-defense; it features straightforward defense techniques, with specialization of upper-body movements. This course builds upon the foundational courses in Five Elements and Twelve Animals. Students will learn two short linking forms that utilize the skills and techniques learned in the two foundational courses. Students should wear loose-fitting clothing and sneakers. Readings in Daoist texts are assigned, along with readings on the history, philosophy, and technique of this art. Prerequisites include U31 238 and U31 239. Students admitted to the Certificate in Somatic Studies must take this course for a letter grade. Students may enroll no more than two times. **Please note: in Spring 2021 this class will be delivered remotely.
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Xingyiquan--Linking Forms
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