Swing and Latin Dances


Swing, Cha-cha, Rumba, Mambo (Salsa), and Bolero are examples of dances categorized in the American Rhythm style of Ballroom dance. Some Bronze syllabus step patterns, timing, lead, and follow techniques as well as styling will be addressed. You will become more confident, poised, and skilled on the social dance floor, and learn the Latin hip motion and proper footwork that make your dancing "pop." Attendance by both enrolled and wait listed students is required at first class meeting. Enrollment preference will be given to partners. Outside practice time is required. Students may enroll no more than two times. Note for the Fall 2021 semester: partnered dancing presents higher risk of virus transmission primarily for unvaccinated individuals. It is strongly recommended that all enrolled students be fully vaccinated or wear a mask.
Course Attributes: