Theater Space in Historical Practice

DRAMA 3012

This course examines select theatre spaces from across the globe and from a long span of human history, from caves used in the upper paleolithic era to contemporary digitally-supported sensory experiences. We will treat theatre space as a socially generated phenomenon produced in many cultures that dynamically links performers and audiences. Theatre space will be used as a gathering concept through which many facets of performance culture can be examined, including architecture, scenography, script, and the physical features of embodied communication. Beyond this, theatre space also illuminates myriad aspects of the cultural practice of theatre, including social difference (especially gender and class), economic activity, and political representation. Distinct theories of historical space will be introduced and examples of historical theatre space will include Ancient Greece, Edo Japan, Neo-Classical France, Golden Age Spain, Classical India, and twentieth-century Environmental Scenography. The core of the reading for this course will be representative or exemplary playscripts that help open up interpretive approaches to historical theatre and performance space. This course fulfills the "Studies in Historical Practice" requirement for Drama majors and minors.
Course Attributes: EN H; AS HUM; FA VC

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Theater Space in Historical Practice
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