Topics in Contemporary Arts Practice Research


When a place disappears, where do its stories go? This practice-based course integrates technologies like augmented and virtual reality, ArcGIS mapping, and data analysis with performance theory to resurrect historical stories and the spaces they haunt. Course materials include critical literature on reenactment, collective memory, and hermeneutics, as well as case studies of digital artworks that engage place-based issues like gentrification, border disputes, and climate change. For their course-long project, students will use digital technology to design and-to their abilities-build a digital humanities project that illuminates the ghosts attached to a place relevant to the student's larger research trajectory. Importantly, while technological skills are welcome, they are not required to take this studio course. Students from any discipline are invited to dream gloriously and scope effectively as they interrogate the possibilities and pitfalls of using digital technologies to restore the lost, the stolen, and the erased.
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Topics in Contemporary Arts Practice Research
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