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The Virtual Platform

A digital space for creativity and experimentation.

The Performing Arts Department is proud to present this virtual venue for dance, drama and vocal video productions, as well as radio plays.  These can be in the form of independent pieces, or group projects.  Think of it as a place where performances can push theatrical boundaries, or as a home for just having some simple fun. Traditional and experimental works are welcome. Perhaps you have an urge to create a piece and want to share it here?  We hope you do.

Visual Performances

The Lament of Bathsheba

This is a figure skating program examining the dual identity of the biblical Bathsheba as both queen and commoner (represented by the use of both an ornate purple costume and a plain black dress as the program progresses) as she navigates her grief following the loss of her son. The program is set to two versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, which references the story of Bathsheba. This was filmed prior to COVID-19. Choreographic Consulting: Carly Muñoz; Music: Leonard Cohen, K.D. Lang, and Kyle Landry; Videography: Carly Muñoz and Sami Winawer; Acknowledgements: Kelly, Scott, and Alex Requadt

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Jane Tellini - The Dreaming Bird

The Dreaming Bird

The Dreaming Bird is a dance film that explores the sensory and expressionistic nature of dance through visual-technology and whose ethereal aesthetic elicits a felt sense of reverence and beauty. Camera Operator: Kat Seal; Music: New York- Mad Rush by Philip Glass, Thibault Cauvin, and Adélaïde Ferrìere; Acknowledgements: A special thanks to David Marchant for his many pop-up windows of wisdom and eccentricities.

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Cast Photos for Songs You'd Never Sing

Songs You'd Never Sing - Premiere Episode

This is the PAD’s riff on the popular celebrity gala, Miscast. Many have dreamt of singing songs from musicals that no one would ever cast them in, but with this show, such dreams come true. Songs You’d Never Sing offers bold permissions for simply having some fun. It can be campy and outrageous at times, but it may also be downright beautiful and astonishing, especially when the chemistry between singer and song proves to be perfect. Perhaps you have a song like this in you?

Call for Submissions!

 If you have a completed project, please make a submission and we will take a look at it.  
If it is suitable for our audiences, we will share it .