Songs You'd Never Sing Cast of Third Episode

"Songs You'd Never Sing Episode 3: "Distance ≧ Connectivity"

"Song's You'd Never Sing" presents "Distance ≧ Connectivity" as part of an ongoing series produced by Henry Palkes, Lecturer in the Performing Arts

Perhaps more than most of us might enjoy, we have all come to a new understanding of both “distance” and “connectivity”. The songs on this third episode were written well before the current crises of health, social turbulence, and a country more divided than unified. The lyrics become even more salient through our current lens and particularly so through when expressed from a different gender point of view. 

Songs You'd Never Sing is the PAD’s riff on the popular celebrity gala, Miscast. Many have dreamt of singing songs from musicals that no one would ever cast them in, but with this show, such dreams come true. Songs You’d Never Sing offers bold permissions for simply having some fun. It can be campy and outrageous at times, but it may also be downright beautiful and astonishing, especially when the chemistry between singer and song proves to be perfect. Perhaps you have a song like this in you?

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